10 Pieces of Jewelry You’ll Love To Offer This Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner and we’re all so busy with shopping for family members, friends, co-workers, and ourselves too! 

In order to help you decide which pieces of jewelry you can shop on our website and offer your loved ones, we tell you on this blog the 10 pieces that are not only an amazing Christmas gift but will also be very trendy in 2016 – and surely will make someone very happy! 

So here they are: 

Whisper in the Wind Necklace 

When you sit by the sea and you listen closely you will hear the beautiful sounds whisper through the wind. The sounds of nature, of joy, of love unfold in a beautiful blend of harmony. And the amazement strikes you as to what life can hold in that very moment. 

Let that feeling sweep over you as you grace the Whisper in the Wind Necklace. Necklaces with geometrical pieces will be a big trend next year. 

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Empress of the Sea Earrings

The striking design of glass and gold. They combine to create a masterpiece. There’s no denying that the combination can take your breath away.  

If you are looking for a pair of earrings that you will not only wear for Christmas but want to wear time and time again, earrings that will make an impact on your day, earrings that will bring that extra zest style, you have found them. 

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 Kiss of Pearls Bracelet with Golden Accent 

Opposites attract. This is so true in so many aspects of life. When two opposing forces meet there is electricity. There is strength about this, a presence.  The Kiss of Pearls Bracelet is a true representation of how opposites attract. 

The Patri Plates exemplifies solid strength while the delicate pearls float softly from the solid center.  

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Turmeric Necklace with Red Stone 

The color red. It is intriguing, beautiful, captivating. It speaks of strength and love all at once.  

When you offer the Turmeric Necklace With Red Stone to a friend, you let it speak for you. With its lovely red center surrounded by semi-precious stones, this will surely become one of her favorite pieces of jewelry. Handmade with Hasli beads, a golden chain and Kundan work this necklace is a true work of art. 

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Wheel of Fortune Ring

To feel the benefits of good fortune. It's something one strives for. To feel the beauty of the world. To feel encircled by love. The Wheel of Fortune Ring encapsulates good fortune in style and is an amazing gift to a loved one. 

Its gold tones, man-made pearls and red onyx stone are vivid and lively and will draw the eye of many admirers.   

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 Mermaid Crown Necklace with Pink Accents

The beauty of Gold, Pearl and Pink – how they intertwine for just the perfect blend of beauty. They play off of each other like music, enchanting all around them.  Enchant all around you with the Mermaid Crown Necklace.

A perfect gift for your mother, grandmother or even to yourself! 

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Pretty Floral Earrings 

A flower in spring. You await its opening. Each day you wonder will today be the day … and then one day the flower blooms. The magnificence of nature. The Pretty Flower Earring captures this essence of nature and beauty. The pearls, the crystals and metal leaves combine in an intricate design that truly captivates.   

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Your Highness Bracelet with Pearl 

There our times in life when we want to be treated like a queen. When we want those around us to admire us for our intelligence, beauty, inner strength. The Your Highness Bracelet will reveal those feelings with its striking appearance and eye-catching intricate design.  

Treat yourself this Christmas with this bracelet. 

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The Pearl Enchantment Necklace – Silver 

Picture the beauty and the gentleness of pearls floating on a breeze through the air. The wonder, the magnificence.  As they dance and weave their way to the sea and float just above the waves until they disappear on the horizon. The beauty of pearls is unmatched. 

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Golden Swarovski Pearl Stud Earrings 

Imagine you are walking through a luxurious, fictitious land. The roads are paved in gold. Crystals adorn the sky and the flowers are made of pearls. It’s a landscape of beauty. That same feeling is yours with the Golden Swarovski Pearl Stud Earring.  

Perfect for New Year’s Eve! 

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