5 Great Tips to Take Care of Your Gold Jewelry

Who doesn’t love gold jewelry? The glamour, the sparkle, and the way it makes you look and feel amazing…. we could go on and on about it but you’re already know it as well as we do.

 Gold jewelry is not only an ornament but it has many different meanings as well for the person wearing it or offering it to someone, depending on the occasion.

 Gold is a metal easy to maintain but gold jewelry needs careful maintenance especially when you want to ensure the glitter remains sparkling even after many years of buying your jewelry and it can even be handed down to future generations.

 Here’s our 5 top tips to take care of your gold jewelry:


1. Store your gold pieces in a velvet lined jewelry box

 Gold is durable but bumps and scratches can cause the gold layer to wear away fast.

 So it’s a good idea to keep your gold jewelry in a velvet lined jewelry box or wrap it in a soft material that will prevent scratches.

 This is extremely important for items worn on the hands like rings and bracelets that are prone to a lot of knocks from the everyday use.

 Remember to keep your gold pieces stored separately so they don’t scratch one another.

 And we think that a velvet lined jewelry box is such a glamorous thing to have in the bedroom don’t you agree?


2. Be aware of chemicals

 Did you know that gold’s worst enemy is chlorine?

 So be careful with swimming pools and Jacuzzi's, it’s always preferable to take off your jewelry before diving in. Repeated exposure to chlorine can weaken the gold’s structure and lead to breakage.

 This is also true to chlorinated cleaning products. Some common household cleaning products have harsh chemicals and chlorine that can weaken your gold jewelry and damage it.

 So if you’re doing household cleaning, use rubber gloves or better yet, take off your jewelry.


3. Have it professionally steam-cleaned

 Even if you take very good care of your jewelry, it can still lose its shine over time due to contact with dust, moisture, perfume, perspiration, make up, or hand and body lotion.

 So at least once a year take your jewelry to a recommended jeweler and have it professionally steam-cleaned.

 This is a big investment you do in having your gold always shining and stunning.


4. Check your gold jewelry regularly

 It’s a good idea to regularly inspect your jewelry to ensure they don’t need any kind of repair.

 You should particularly check clasps, prongs, bracelet and neck chain links, pin backs and earring posts and wedding bands, pendants and charms.

 If you check it regularly you can detect some needed repair before it’s too late and you end up losing a stone that fell out or having some kind of damage to your beloved jewelry.


5. Clean it at home too

 This homemade cleaning “recipe” works wonderful for cleaning gold jewelry.

Using a large bowl, mix 2 parts dish soap and 10 parts warm water. Soak your jewelry for 3 hours and then gently dry with a microfiber soft cloth and polish with a jewelry cloth.

 The result is amazing and you can never over clean gold!


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