5 Top Tips to Buy Jewelry That Suits You

We love jewelry so much that it is easy to buy pieces that we love and wear time and time again, but also pieces that we realize later it was a mistake and don’t really suits us.

Every jewelry doesn’t go well with every outfit or face.

The thing is you don’t need to wait for someone to give you the perfect piece of jewelry that suits you or search for it endlessly.

You only need to know exactly what to buy for yourself that is going to be perfect on you. A piece that of jewelry that will talk for you without you having to say any words.

Here are 5 top tips that will definitely help you:

1.    Know Your Style

Knowing your style is imperative when choosing a piece of jewelry for yourself.

What kind of personal style do you have? You need to respond to this question first before choosing something that fits in.

So, how is your wardrobe like? Is it casual and easy going or do you wear more conservative and heels on most days? Or it is maybe a mix of both on different days?

Do you prefer to wear more frilly, feminine things or are you more sporty or minimalist?

By knowing your personal style you’ll be able to choose jewelry that will completely fit in and also know how many pieces of jewelry to wear makes sense for your personal style.

2. Know your Lifestyle

Does your lifestyle includes going to cocktail parties and formal events, both in your work and personal life, or is your lifestyle more easy going and your idea of a great weekend is more of a nice

peaceful afternoon on the beach and a casual get together with friends?


Or maybe your lifestyle includes something in between? Or it can even be something completely different, like traveling a lot or playing sports.

Whatever your lifestyle is, take it into consideration when choosing jewelry.

For example, if you play sports an intricate piece of jewelry might not be the best option.

3.    Think Twice

It’s so easy to get carried away by a beautiful piece of jewelry, buy it without thinking twice and then we later realize we did a mistake and it never leaves our jewelry box.

So even if you feel mesmerized by a certain jewelry piece, always stop and think twice.

Just because you like it, it doesn’t mean it suits your personal style or your lifestyle. But maybe it fits exactly the style of someone you know?

4.    Have the basics

Just like clothes, there are some jewelry pieces that are basics to have in any jewelry box.

The type that you can wear in your daily life, and change from one activity to the next without having to change jewelry.

A good example is the Drops of Joy Bracelet:

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This is a bracelet that you will turn to time and again because it has undeniable appeal. It can be wear during the day for work but still continue on your wrist to go out for a more formal evening.

5. Budget

When you want to invest in a piece of fine jewelry you need to consider your budget.

If there are some specific pieces you would love to buy, consider putting a small amount of money into a savings account each month until you have the money to buy them.

If you receive a bonus or a raise at work, it can be a great opportunity to treat yourself and buy a piece you really love.

If you want to buy jewelry every month, set a budgetand consider which options are available.

You don’t need to spend a lot of money in order to have stunning jewelry pieces with that wow factor.

This is a great example:

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This Golden Swarovski Pearl Stud Earring captivates with its contrasting tones of gold, crystals, and pearls, is sure to become a favorite in your earring collection and they come at an amazing prize.

So it is important that you find fine jewelry that suits your budget and still gives you that “feel amazing” factor.

We hope that this tips help you find and buy the perfect jewelry for you, and it will also be helpful when choosing jewelry to offer to someone else.

If you still are unsure and need help, please contact us and we’ll be very happy to help.