Festival season has almost arrived!

It does not matter if you're a die-hard music fan or just love the atmosphere of a music festival, one thing is for sure -- you need the perfect outfit! There’s no reason you can’t look amazing and still be comfortable!  Here are a few tips to help you shine at the next festival.

1. Stick comfortable footwear

We know you might be itching to splurge on a pair of incredible sandals for festival season, but don't be fooled! Buying brand new shoes can be a mistake if you’ve not given yourself a month or more of time to break them in. You also need to have a pair that’s made for walking and dancing the distance.  If you don’t you’ll have blisters, a ruined pedicure and of course aching arches.

If you're planning to attend multiple days, switch up your footwear. Think about packing a pair of cute slip on tennis shoes and at least one extra pair of socks, and of course a pair of sandals. This way you are not limited to one option if your shoes start to rub you the wrong way. Plus if the weather changes, you’ll be prepared.

2. Sunnies and a hat are a must

Here’s a great tip- don’t bring your fancy sunglasses, just snag a less expensive pair for festival season. There will never be a better occasion to sport some cute heart shaped glasses or one in a bright bold color. Have fun! No matter what shape of sunnies you choose, make sure your wallet won't cry if they they get bumped and broken or if you leave them some place.

As for a hat, think floppy. These can easily be rolled and put in your bag and still come out looking fab when you need it. Plus if you can snag a place in the shade, you’ll be happy you have one!

3. Bring a bag that’s fashionable and roomy

We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but that tiny almost pint-sized, mini-fringe, super hippie-chic purse is going to be a waste of space at a festival honey. Opt for a medium sized bag that can fit all your essentials with a little room for a cool festival tee and even a few handmade trinkets.  We love a  cross-body or a simple but chic backpack that will ensure you're still free to throw those hands up in the air! You don’t want to leave your bag laying around so these are your best options. Be sure to include...


  • Water bottle which is perfect for stashing away, but will come in handy at water stations!

  • Sunscreen: Snag  one in stick form so it won't explode in your bag and is easy to apply!

  • On-the-go tissue packs: You know those Porta Potties will run out of TP!

  • A cute Scarf: This can add some warmth at night when temperatures drop.

  • Band-Aids  (Trust us!)

  • Hair ties: Because in the wind and heat, you won’t want your hair down.

  • Extra phone batteries: Every girl needs a charged cell. They have many solar powered batteries you can get for $20

  • Compact and lip gloss to freshen up your look

  • CASH! ATM lines? Not this girl! Think smart and plan ahead!

4. Great Accessories

Festival season is about self expression!  We say have one or two pieces that you can add to any outfit to make it come alive. Try the Ragini Mittal


PINK HANDMADE SEMI PRECIOUS STONES NECKLACE to spice up a simple festival look or



our BLUE HAND MADE SEMI PRECIOUS BEADS NECKLACE if you are dressing a little more sophisticated for the event. You would be surprised how easily you can change up a look with only a few accessories.