How jewelry can help empower women: The Ragini Mittal Story

 To tell the story of Ragini Mittal Jewelry we’ll first need to go back a few years ago when it all started with Blingo Jewels. 

 Blingo Jewels was a very attractive brand but the concept was more of a boutique rather than having Ragini Mittal as a jewelry designer. 

 The jewelry however was having such a huge success and demand that the necessity of expanding become very real.  

 The name of Ragini Mittal was getting more known than Blingo Jewels so the need to create a specific brand and also a website where people could buy their jewelry. 


The Indian Jewelry Fusion 


 Ragini would visit India often and would come back with loads of Indian Jewelry that she could barely wear with any of her outfits to work, meetings or a nice casual girls night out.  

That made her think of coming up with the Indo-fusion designs that you see today, which seamlessly fit into any woman’s wardrobe. 

Ragini Mittal was then launched in 2012 by designers Ragini Mittal and her mother Chhaya Agarwal. 

 Their jewelry reflect a distinct fusion between the traditional, bright and bold Indian Jewelry and a western design aesthetic like the Kaleidoscope collection reflects. 

 Headquartered in the Northeast region of the US and in New Delhi, Ragini Mittal is able to utilize the inspirations from both geographic areas and beautifully incorporate the influences into all of her collections. 


The Entrepreneurial Journey 

 Ragini Mittal background was in IT and management but her passion for jewelry and design made her do a complete career change.  

Being an entrepreneur and running your own business has lots of challenges and it involves a lot of setbacks.  

Ragini feels however that when you have a dream and a passion it all makes perfect sense and empowering women through jewelry is her main goal. 

A dedicated and savvy business woman, Mittal, conducts empowering business meetups, where other like-minded women professionals can network and support one another in the Tri-State area.  

Also, Ragini is an influential member of the renowned Accessories Council. 


Empowering Women 

Ragini Mittal represents today’s feminine and fun woman, as well as the powerful and bold modern woman through their designs. 

Each featured piece is handcrafted in New Delhi by local women artisans. 

In doing so, Ragini Mittal is able to offer empowerment to young women through entrepreneurship and is able to stay well-connected to their communities. 

The workshop started with one woman, and now they have 4. The sole purpose is to help them develop as a strong and independent individual. Ragini hopes the brand can continue to grow and sustain more woman in need. 

These women assemble all of Mittal’s designs by hand and this collaboration gives these women a chance to financially provide for their families and for most of the women, is their only source of income in their lives full of many struggles. 

“I am thankful that I am able to get my daughter married. Its all because of your help and willingness to offer me work, that I am able to stand in front of my husband and not bow down to his behavior." 


You can click here to know the stories of Gauri and Bharti that work at the workshop. 

Ragini’s culture, the rich and vibrant colors of Indiaits authenticity, and most of all those women in her workshop are what inspire her designs. 


The brand 

Ragini sees the brand as one of the popular go to brands for a unique and special gift for someone , a fashion statement brand that is unique in its own sense.  

The garment industry has just started to learn about the Indian artisan work and Ragini hopes that her work does get recognized eventually and makes people see what they have missed out for a long time. 

Ragini Mittal is sold internationally and online at