One On One with Jewelry Designer Ragini Mittal

As a designer we typically get asked the same questions quite a few times by both fans and media, so we at Ragini Mittal decided to share the answers to some of your most asked questions, so you can get a better understanding about our love and passion for designing jewelry.

How and when did you get started in designing women's jewelry?

The journey started way back in 2012 when my mom kept pushing me to do something in the US, while she was an expert in creating authentic indian designs back in India. Being a Jewelry Junky myself, I would visit India almost every year and come back with loads of indian jewelry. The only sad part was that I could barely wear it with any of my outfits to work, meetings, or a nice casual girls night out. That made me think of coming up with the Indo-fusion designs that you see today, which seamlessly fits into any woman's wardrobe.

What's your favorite material to work with?

 That should be...favorites, for I have a few...I love working and playing with Fish thread - its a flexible band-like thread that is stretchy and creates wonders when put in bracelets. Another favorite  are authentic Kundan Beads. I especially love them because its so common to find fake kundan beads in the market these days. We at Ragini Mittal Jewelry prides ourselves in using the real Kundan beads; they come in various shapes and sizes...(a secret not yet known to anyone: my next collection is going to have some specially customized, colored Kundan Beads).

What inspires your designs?

My culture, rich and vibrant colors of my country, authenticity, and most of all those woman in my workshop inspire my designs.

What inspired this season's collection?

Inspired by the colorful intricacies of a traditional kaleidoscope color wheel, the latest Ragini Mittal collection evokes the similar lustrously vivid characteristics as the brilliant color wheel, that we have grown to adore. Every design by Ragini Mittal is handcrafted, fusing handsome glossy semi-precious stones with traditional Paachi work and Kundan Beading.  With names like, "Turmeric Necklace with Green Stone", we keeps our perspective and designs simple and elegant. I wanted to design a collection that is a great representation of my personality...vivacious and colorful.  And I believe this collection is a great example of my personality.

What's your go-to piece of jewelry? What do you wear everyday? (wedding ring doesn't count lol)

I am a big necklace person...lazy to change earrings with every outfit. Necklaces are my weakness. I need a different one for every outfit. I am a very casual person myself with black ankle pants and a nice top and to add a bit of bling I love to put on one of my neck pcs.

How did you get started with the women in New Delhi?

This is something I am always asked, it just so happened that in 2012, i had decided to launch the brand and I was designing pieces and at the same time Bharti ( now a manager ) at my New Delhi workshop had closed her retail business and was looking to start something from home so she could look after her baby girl and family. Things luckily happened at a right time and we started working as a team. We eventually hired another woman to join our team as the work increased, but something happened in those few months that changed the entire brand concept and it always brings flashbacks of me drinking my early morning coffee sitting in my living room when I received a call from one of the girls from the workshop in India. I in my wildest dream never thought I would hear what she said to me, she said, " didi ( Indian word for an elder sister) please don't stop doing what you are doing. You have helped me a lot and my family respects me now". These few words changed my way of looking at the brand and what i was striving for. The workshop started with one woman, and now we have 4. The sole purpose is to help them develop as a strong and independent individual. I hope the brand can continue to grow and sustain more woman in need.


We hope the answers to these questions have given you a better understanding to the message behind Ragini Mittal Jewelry. We'd love to hear from you, please leave a comment with any other questions you may want to know the answers to.