Welcome The New "The Mari Time Collection"

The newest collection from Indo-fusion Jewelry Designer, Ragini Mittal, has arrived. The mystery of the seas has long charmed travelers, and Ragini Mittal's summer offerings, The Mari Time Collection, will enchant you just the same.

Inspired by the essence and enchantment of the ocean, this collection of necklaces, bracelets and earrings explores the colors, mystery, and allure of the deep. With pieces boasting oceanic elements and materials, such pearls, colored glass, gold, and other nautical themes, you find yourself falling under its spell.

As you explore each bewitching piece you will see various new techniques used. Ragini strives to bring forth something new, creative, and worthy of her customers with each collection. From the strength of the Patri Design in the Pearl Enchantment Necklace, to the luxurious look of pearls in the Hasli Design of the Mermaid Crown Necklace, Ragini puts her own personal stamp on each jewelry piece. Much like a Siren, the Empress of the Earrings will enchant you with its mixture of golden and glass design, while beauty of symmetry of the Drops of Joy Bracelet takes hold of you. Ragini’s collection is a true nautical expression, where strength, beauty, and the delicate balance of nature are all present. 

Although The Mari Time Collection's inspiration as gathered from the sea, it is the women of India that the main muses and motivation for the Ragini Mittal jewelry brand. through her workshop, Ragini strives to bring employment to and empower the women of India. Each piece from The Mari Time Collection is 100% handmade, and lovingly done by these women whose lives she has changed..