Meet Bharti


Bharti, DGB's workshop manager. She is the one that runs the daily show, from making sure that the women arrive on time to managing the incoming orders.

Bharti has a beautiful daughter, that she cherishes and works hard everyday to provide for. Bharti has an amazing talent of discovering new ways of making and creating jewelry. Her hands work magic over DGB's Jewelry Designs. 

Bharti,too, has had her share of adverse circumstances, having no means of transportation and no help around. She has to juggle the entire work of the workshop, along with the chemo-therapies that she has to assist her mother in law with and also make sure her daughter goes to school and is healthy and happy. 

Making Jewelry gives her peace of mind, a sense of calmness that gets her off from her daily life that puts her down and makes her struggle.

Empowerment and Hand-craftsmanship

are Ragini Mittal’s core values. Mittal works with and employs a group of four women living in New Delhi who assemble all of Mittal’s designs by hand and offer artisan work. This collaboration gives these women a chance to financially provide for their families and for most of the women, is their only source of income. Creative Director, Ragini Mittal believes by empowering women through entrepreneurship, she is able to promote community growth.


Ragini Mittal was launched in 2012 by designers Ragini Mittal and her mother Chhaya Agarwal. Their work reflects a distinct fusion between the traditional, bright and bold, Indian Jewelry design and a western design aesthetic. Headquartered in the Northeast region of the US and in New Delhi, Ragini Mittal is able to utilize the inspirations from both geographic areas and beautifully incorporate the influences into all of her collections.

Ragini Mittal represents today’s feminine and fun woman, as well
as, the powerful and bold modern woman through their designs.
Each featured piece is handcrafted in New Delhi by local artisans.
In doing so, Ragini Mittal is able to offer empowerment to young
women through entrepreneurship and is able to stay well-connected
to their communities.

A dedicated and savvy business woman, Mittal, conducts
empowering business meetups, where other like-minded women
professionals can network and support one another in the Tri-State
area. Also, Ragini is an influential member of the renowned
Accessories Council. In her free time, Ragini enjoys spending
time with her husband and two children.


Ragini Mittal is sold internationally and online at



Meet Gauri 

She is one of Ragini Mittal’s first employees and has been with the brand for three years. Suffering from an abusive marriage and financial burdens, Gauri joined Mittal’s team to help her family and to escape her daily abuse.
Gauri has diligently created flawless pieces for Ragini Mittal and continues to develop her independence and a feeling of self-worth.

“I am thankful that I am able to get my daughter married. Its all because of your help and willingness to offer me work, that I am able to stand in front of my husband and not bow down to his behavior."

Gauri is now planning her daughter’s wedding.